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FIGURE 3.19 Ta b u l a r in u m e r a l s
(font is Magneta Book Italic
from Fontdeck).
FIGURE 3.20 Old-style numerals
(font is Magneta Book Italic from
FIGURE 3.21 Fractions
(font is Segoe UI Regular
These different declarations mean the following:
tnum . Tabular numerals swap out numbers (and other text, in fact) for the
most legible ones available. This generally means they are evenly spaced,
uniform height, and not old style ( Figure 3.19 ).
onum . These are either ordinals—numerals that denote a position of rank-
ing, for example, 1st or 3rd—or old-style numerals, which are not always
the same height and don't always fit exactly on the baseline. (I've found
websites that claim one or the other is true) ( Figure 3.20 ).
frac . When used, these fractions automatically allow you to use fraction
glyphs instead of three separate characters—for example, ¾ instead of
3/4. As Figure 3.21 shows, this looks a lot more attractive and less clumsy.
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