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Figure 4.4 Direct binding of SMIPP-Ss to various complement proteins. Microtiter
plates were coated with complement proteins or BSA as a negative control
and incubated with 200 mgml 1 SMIPP-Ss D1 or I1. Bound protein was
detected using specific polyclonal antibodies against D1 and I1. Figure
sourced from Bergstro¨ m et al., 43 with permission. Copyright 2009. The
American Association of Immunologists, Inc.
Figure 4.5 Complement scheme indicating the sites of action of SMIPP-Ss. Figure
modified from Blom et al. 134
complement system, hence the interference by the SMIPP-Ss may interrupt the
entire cascade, thereby enabling the mites to evade host immune defenses
(Figure 4.5). 43 The biological relevance of these findings was reinforced by the
localization of the human complement component C1q to the gut of scabies
mites (Figure 4.3). 43 While SMIPP-Ss show no protease activity, 43
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