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Session 1
Session 2
Coil rotation [˚]
Fig. 3.2 Recordings of coil orientation versus threshold for each subject (labeled with
acronyms). The reference coil orientation for each session is indicated with a dotted vertical line.
The minimum values for each subject are highlighted with open circles. The left plot shows the
recordings for session 1. In the right panel the recordings for session 2 with the standard coil
orientation as reference are shown. Subject 'La' was excluded from further analysis as no clear
minimum could be estimated in two sessions. For the sake of completeness subject 'La' is still
shown in this figure
Fig. 3.3 Polar plot of the
mean motor thresholds.
Recordings on the right side
represent the findings for the
standard coil orientation.
Recordings in the left part are
obtained with the coil handle
towards the left hemisphere.
Threshold minima occur in
opposite positions as
expected for a biphasic pulse.
Note that no full coil rotation
is performed to limit effects
of varying vigilance
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