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Fig. 7.5 a Prepared circular TMS coil for evaluation of optimized hand-assisted positioning. A
felt pen is rigidly inserted into the coil to mark the coil position at the target. b For a
familiarization task the user is asked to position the coil at the targets with different coil
Fig. 7.6 Coil positioning
with optimized hand-assisted
positioning on a head
phantom. On the phantom's
surface six targets are defined
at which the user shall
position the coil: M1-LEG
(A), M1-HAND (B), PAC
(C), V1 (D), DLPFC (E) and
• The Primary Motor Hand Area (M1-HAND) is used commonly for motor
threshold estimation (Sect. 1.1.4 ).
• The Primary Auditory Cortex (PAC) is the target area for experimental treat-
ments of chronic tinnitus using rTMS [ 2 , 7 ].
• The Primary Visual Cortex (V1) is stimulated for visual suppression tasks [ 5 ].
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