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Fig. 7.3 Control scheme of
optimized hand-assisted
positioning running on the
robot controller. In each
computation cycle the current
gravity compensated forces
and torques, and the FTA
sensor status are received
from the FTA sensor. If the
button is pressed, the
movement magnitude is
computed and the robot is
positioning is executed as illustrated in Fig. 7.3 . In order to avoid sudden large
robot movements and accelerations, we employ a smoothening factor smooth and a
speed-up factor speed for calculation of the movement magnitude. Thereby, we
use damped force and torque values:
F ¼ð 1 smooth Þ F þð smooth þ speed Þ F user ;
ð 7 : 1 Þ
M ¼ð 1 smooth Þ M þð smooth þ speed Þ M user :
ð 7 : 2 Þ
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