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• It has an active community of developers, making it easier to find support
• It is easy-to-learn
• You can quickly setup a WebSocket server with minimum configuration
Fleck library was chosen because of three reasons:
• It is supported on both Windows and Unix-based operating systems
• It is extremely easy-to-use and configure
• It is well-maintained and well-documented
This is how you can quickly set up a Fleck WebSocket server using C#:
1. Download Visual Studio Express (It is freely available at ht-
windows-desktop ) .
2. Download Fleck ( ).
3. Launch Visual Studio and click on File | New | Project .
4. Under Visual C#, select Windows .
5. Choose Console Application (yes, a console-based server is the easiest
way to set up a WebSocket server).
6. Name your project whatever you like and click on OK .
7. On the Solution Explorer tab, right-click on the References icon and select
Add new reference .
8. Click on browse and find the Fleck.dll file.
9. Click on OK and you are done!
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