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Setting up the server
Implementing a WebSocket server from scratch is not a hard process, though it re-
quires specific knowledge and it's far from the purposes of this topic. As a result, we
are going to use one of the existing WebSocket implementations that are currently
out there. Thanks to the large community of developers, we can easily pick the We-
bSocket server of our preferred programming language or framework. Furthermore,
most of the implementations are open source, so you can even adjust them to your
own needs if necessary!
Selecting the technology that suits you
We have listed some popular WebSocket server implementations. Here are some
questions you should ask yourself before picking one:
• What technology are you most familiar with?
• What are the specific requirements of your project?
• Do you already have a solution you want to enhance?
• Is the server's documentation thorough and understandable?
• Is there an active support community for the server?
Let's now have a look at the most popular WebSocket server libraries for the most
extensively used programming languages.
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