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WebSockets, as the name indicates, are related to the web. As you know, the web
is much more than a bunch of techniques for some browsers; rather, it's a broad
communication platform for a vast number of devices, including desktop computers,
smartphones, and tablets.
Obviously, any HTML5 app that utilizes WebSockets will work on (almost) any
HTML5-enabled mobile web browser. Imagine you want to implement the same func-
tionality using the enhanced features of a native mobile app. Is the WebSocket sup-
ported in the mainstream mobile operating systems? The short answer: yes. Cur-
rently, all key players in the mobile industry (Apple, Google, Microsoft) provide a We-
bSocket API you can use in your own native apps. iOS, Android, and Windows smart-
phones and tablets integrate WebSockets in a similar way to HTML5.
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