HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Then came HTML5
HTML5 makes a huge, yet justifiable, buzz nowadays as it introduces vital solutions
to the problems discussed previously. If you are already familiar with HTML5, feel free
to skip this section and move on.
HTML5 is a robust framework for developing and designing web applications.
HTML5 is not just a new markup or some new styling selectors, neither is it a new
programming language. HTML5 stands for a collection of technologies, programming
languages and tools, each of which has a discrete role and all of these together ac-
complish a specific task—that is, to build rich web apps for any kind of device.
The main HTML5 pillars include Markup, CSS3, and JavaScript APIs, together.
The following diagram shows HTML5 components:
Here are the dominant members of the HTML5 family. As this topic does not cover the
whole set of HTML5, I suggest you visit and get started with hands-
on examples and demos.
Structural elements
Form elements
Style sheets
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