HTML and CSS Reference
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Source code
The source code we demonstrated in this topic can be found online at ht-
tp:// . Note that the given link will always
be up-to-date, following the current trends and standards.
You can download and modify all of the included files as you wish.
System requirements
Web Standards is a cross-platform mechanism. This means that the client-side
source code will run on any HTML5-compliant browser. You only need a text editor
such as Notepad or GEdit to modify the files.
The server-side code has been tested in Windows, though you can run it using any
operating system that supports the Mono framework ( ).
Finally, regarding the iOS source code, you need a Mac computer, along with the
XCode development environment.
Remember that you can use the operating systems, server-side libraries, and IDEs of
your choice to build your own projects. The main logic and functionality remains the
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