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Going native
So, what if your application supports device-specific or offline features, and you still
want to use WebSockets when the web is available?
You go native.
Fortunately, all of the major mobile platforms support WebSockets, so you need to
make absolutely no changes in your server code! After all, HTML5 is a front-end cli-
ent just like iPhone or iPad. Using the same techniques as the JavaScript samples,
you are going to build the same application in Objective-C. The process is similar to
any other mobile platform, so do not worry if you are not familiar with the Objective-C
Creating the project
To begin with, open XCode , the development environment provided by Apple for
building iOS apps. Eclipse and Visual Studio are the Android and Windows equival-
Follow the given steps for creating the project
1. Launch XCode and click on Create a new XCode project . The following
screenshot shows XCode launch screen:
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