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SDK URL windows/apps
We suppose that you are familiar with at least one of the above SDKs and techno-
logies. If not, you can navigate to the corresponding developer portal, and follow the
online resources and tutorials, which provide a great starting point.
Throughout this chapter, we have decided to provide code samples for iOS, but feel
free to use the platform you are most familiar with.
Installing the SDK
After downloading the desired SDK, you follow an automated wizard that installs it
in your system. Note that the iOS SDK can only run on a Mac operating system, the
Windows SDK runs on a Windows operating system, and the Android SDK runs on
Mac, Windows, or Linux. Along with the SDK, there are a couple of automatically in-
stalled goodies:
• Smartphone/tablet simulators
• An integrated development environment where you write and debug your
Although you should always test your code on real devices (phones and tablets), the
simulator is a really solid solution for constant debugging.
Considering iOS, here are the iPhone and iPad simulators, running iOS 6.
The following figure shows an iPhone simulator:
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