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and they are mostly based on proprietary technologies. As a result, more and more
companies (including Apple and Microsoft) are shifting away from browser plugins in
favor of HTML5.
However, if your users browse using an old browser, it is likely that they have an old
desktop PC with one or more such browser plugins installed. Some great WebSock-
et implementations use Flash in order to achieve bidirectional communication, and
so do some of the polyfills mentioned previously.
The websocket-as , available at , is a popular
utility, written in ActionScript, which implements a WebSocket API like the HTML5
approach. A similar example exists for Microsoft's Silverlight and WCF technologies
too (
light-5 ) .
If you are familiar with Flash or Silverlight, then you could implement a fallback
solution based on your preferred browser plugin. Otherwise, you can stick to the
JavaScript implementations.
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