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Aside from fashion and design, Milan's shopping scene is diverse and vibrant,
spanning the spectrum from artisanal ateliers to concept shops and lifestyle
stores. Guilds as diverse as jewellers, bakers, carpenters and milliners (who de-
rived their name from the city in the 16th century) have catered to the European
aristocracy for centuries, so quality and choice are appropriately superb.
Top Tips
Shopping hours are 3pm to 7pm Monday, and 10am to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday,
though smaller shops may take a break from 12.30pm to 3pm.
Non-EU citizens can claim back the value-added tax on purchases more than
€154.94 at shops displaying a 'Tax Free Shopping' sign. Rinascente has a tax-free
centre; otherwise claim your refund at the airport.
Best Food & Wine
Peck Historical Peck is crammed with speciality meats, cheeses, pastries, oils,
pastas, chocolates and wine. ( Click here )
N'Ombra de Vin More than 3000 different labels in the vaulted cellars of a former
Augustinian refectory. ( Click here )
Rinascente The 7th-floor food heaven of Rinascente incorporates a mozzarella
bar and an indoor-outdoor restaurant. ( Click here )
Best Independent Designers
Monica Castiglioni Self-taught jeweller and daughter of design great Achille
Castiglioni. ( Click here )
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