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It's true the Milanese don't always have time to play nice for visitors -
they're simply too busy redesigning the world. But if you're prepared to
jump in, they'll happily share their intoxicating round of pursuits, be that pre-
cision shopping, browsing contemporary galleries or loading up a plate with
local delicacies while downing an expertly mixed Negroni beside Navigli's
sleepy canals.
Shop Like a Local ( Click here )
› Fashion boutiques
› Historical palazzi
With more than 500 luxury fashion marques crammed into 6000 sq metres of
cobbled laneways, the Quadrilatero d'Oro is high-fashion theatre at its best. Names
like Armani, Bulgari and D&G are known the world over, but the Quad is also home
to historical ateliers and heritage guilds.
Life in Parco Sempione ( Click here )
› Alfresco cafes
› Frisbee matches
With its winding paths, pretty ponds and baizelike lawns, much-loved Parco Sempi-
one provides locals with a leafy oasis in the heart of Milan. Join joggers, frisbee
players, canoodling couples and office workers in its alfresco cafes and admire its
collection of architectural conversation pieces.
Life on the Canals ( Click here )
› Traditional trattorie
› Aperitivo bars
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