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Brera's tight cobbled streets and ancient buildings are a reminder that Mil-
an wasn't always a modern metropolis. At the area's heart is the 17th-cen-
tury Palazzo di Brera, originally a Jesuit college and now home to the Ac-
cademia di Belle Arti, the city's famous art school. Around it are galleries,
some of the city's most fashionable restaurants, lively bars and innovative
shops. Pretty Via Madonnina is a particular highlight.
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Pinacoteca di Brera ( Click here )
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Pinacoteca di Brera ( Click here )
Maxelâ ( Click here )
Pescheria da Claudio ( Click here )
Ristorante Solferino ( Click here )
Latteria di San Marco ( Click here )
La Vetrina di Beryl ( Click here )
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