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Deploying your first application to
WildFly 8
In order to test launch our first application, we will create a HelloWorld web project us-
ing Eclipse. The main part will be a servlet class, used to generate HTML markup. So,
launch Eclipse and choose to create a new web project by navigating to File | New | Dy-
namic Web Project . This is shown in the following screenshot:
Choose a name for your application and check the Use default location box if you want to
create your project within the same location of your Eclipse workspace. If you have cor-
rectly configured a new WildFly server in Eclipse, you should see the WildFly 8.0
Runtime option selected by default, and Target Runtime and Default Configuration for
WildFly 8.0 Runtime preselected in the Configuration box.
Select 3.1 as the Dynamic web module version, which makes development easy by using
the Servlet 3.1 specifications, and also leave the EAR membership and Add project to
working sets checkboxes unselected.
Click on Finish to continue.
Now, let's add a quintessential simple servlet to our project, which merely dumps a Hello
World message as an HTML page. From the File menu, go to New | Servlet and enter a
meaningful name and package for your servlet, such as TestServlet as the name and
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