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In order to create a new user, you need to provide the following information:
Type of user : The type of user will be Management User, since it will manage the
application server.
Realm : This must match the realm name used in the configuration, so unless you
have changed the configuration to use a different realm name, leave this set to
ManagementRealm .
Username : This is the username of the user you are adding.
Password : This is the user's password.
User groups : This is a list of comma-separated groups that should be assigned to
the newly created user; they are used for the role-based access control and audit-
ing system, which was introduced in WildFly. The information about user groups
is stored in the file.
If the validation is successful, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to add the
user; only then the properties files will be updated.
The final question (Is this new user going to be used to connect one AS process to anoth-
er?) can be used to add the slave Host Controllers that authenticate against a master do-
main controller. This, in turn, requires adding the secret key to your slave host's configur-
ation in order to authenticate with the master domain controller. (For more information
about domain configuration, please visit
Admin+Guide#AdminGuide-ManagedDomain .)
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