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Installing Forge
In order to install Forge, you need to perform the following steps:
1. Download and unzip Forge from into a folder on your hard
disk; this folder will be your FORGE_HOME .
2. Add FORGE_HOME/bin to your path (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X).
In Unix-based operating systems, this typically means editing your ~/.bashrc or
~/ .profile; you will need to enter the following code snippet:
export FORGE_HOME=~/forge/
In Windows systems, you will need to open the Control Panel window, then navigate to
System Properties | Advanced | Environment Variables , and add these two entries visu-
ally. It is recommended to set user variables for Forge, unless you have placed the unzipped
distribution in a folder where all users can access it.
In case of any problem, check out the online installation guide available at ht-
tp:// .
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