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The Arquillian project is an evolving framework with many other interesting topics.
Describing all its extensions, however, is out of the scope of this topic. However, the other
interesting areas to look into are Drone and Graphene , which bring the WebDriver and
Page Object patterns to Arquillian testing.
At some point, you may find yourself creating separate deployment methods in each test
case. You can change this behavior by the usage of Arquillian Suite Extension , which al-
lows specifying a deployment for a set of test cases.
Arquillian is fully open source, so you can learn more about it from the online documenta-
tion that is available at . When you need some help, or you have an
awesome idea for a new feature, you can contact the Arquillian community on forums or
IRC ( ) . Remember that if you find a bug, don't complain;
just file an issue on JBoss JIRA at .
One of the Arquillian contributors John D. Ament has already published a book on this top-
ic called Arquillian Testing Guide , Packt Publishing .
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