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WebSockets testing
We introduced the topic of WebSockets in the earlier chapters. Now let's see how we can
test them. To do this in plain Java, we will need a WebSocket client implementation; be
sure to add Tyrus to your pom.xml file:
For this example, we will use Tyrus as a base code from Chapter 8 , Adding WebSockets .
Our test realizes a simple scenario. Using the REST API, we reserve a seat, and as a We-
bSocket client, we wait for a message broadcasting information concerning new reserva-
tions. Let's look at the code:
public class TicketServiceTest {
private static final String WEBSOCKET_URL =
private static final String SEAT_RESOURCE_URL =
public static Archive<?> createTestArchive() { // [1]
public void shouldReceiveMessageOnBooking() throws
Exception {
// given
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