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ShrinkWrap Descriptors
There is one more ShrinkWrap family project. A little less popular and not known by many
people, it is called ShrinkWrap Descriptors . Its goal is to provide a fluent API for the cre-
ation of descriptor resources you usually create and insert inside your micro deployments.
Let's start with an example. Let's say you're writing a persistence framework extension.
While doing this, you use an incredible amount of persistence.xml files such as the
following code:
<persistence-unit name="myapp">
<property name="hibernate.dialect"
<property name=""
With ShrinkWrap Descriptors, instead of putting all these files in src/test/re-
sources and then referencing them from particular tests, you can just put some code in
the test itself:
final PersistenceDescriptor persistence = Descriptors
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