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seatType.getId() != null
You can notice a few differences. First of all, it's really Groovy! Secondly, the test uses a
different runner, ArquillianSputnik . What's more, you can already notice some
Spock DSL here, such as the given , when , and then constructions, which come from
behavior-driven development ( BDD ). The given construction is expected to put the sys-
tem in a specific state, when describes an action, and then contains assertions that verify
the outcome of an action performed.
This fully working Spock example with the complete pom.xml configuration can be
found in this chapter's example project named ticket-agency-spock . More in-
formation concerning the Arquillian Spock test runner, its features, and usage instructions
can be found on GitHub at . More
information concerning Spock can also be found on GitHub at
framework/spock .
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