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<container qualifier="jboss-managed" default="true">
<!-- Additional configuration -->
You have to configure the container adapter. In this example, we assume that you have set
the JBOSS_HOME environment variable to the WildFly main directory. In this case, no
more configurations are required. However, if you want to run something non-standard,
for example, connect to a remote container with altered management ports, then this file is
the appropriate place to modify this. When you don't specify JBOSS_HOME , you can set
the WildFly location using property as follows:
<container qualifier="jboss-managed" default="true">
<property name="jbossHome">C:\wildfly</property>
However, this method may be hard to maintain when more than one person is working on
the project. In order to avoid problems, you can use the system property resolution, for in-
stance, ${jbossHome} .
If you configure the remote container, the configuration would look just like this:
<container qualifier="jboss-remote" default="true">
<property name="managementPort">9999</property>
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