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gets injected in the SFSB reference; otherwise, you will end up creating a new Stateful
Session Beans upon each request.
The following is an example of how to adapt your Ticket CDI application (described in
Chapter 4 , Learning Context and Dependency Injection ) to a clustered environment. At
first, as we said, we need to include the distributable stanza in your web.xml file to trig-
ger clustering modules:
Next, apply the same changes to the TheatreBox singleton that we described in the
Turning your cache into a distributed cache section:
public class TheatreBox {
private CacheContainer container;
// Apply the same changes described in
// "Turning your Cache into a distributed cache section
Since our controller component is bound to a @SessionScoped state, you don't need to
apply any changes in order to propagate your session across server nodes:
public class TheatreBooker implements Serializable {
Finally, remember to include the Infinispan dependency in your META-INF/
Dependencies: org.infinispan export
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