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the programming model started in Version 1.0 and is now being continued. The areas
covered by the update are as follows:
• CDI is now enabled by default (without the need to add the bean.xml file to the
deployment), with the possibility to specify the desired component scanning
• More fine-grained control over the bean discovery mechanism is now available
for the developer, thanks to the use of the @Vetoed annotation and class or pack-
ages filters in beans.xml . Interceptors, decorators, and alternatives can now be
globally enabled for the whole application using the @Priority annotation, in-
stead of enabling every module.
• Event metadata can now be examined when a CDI event is handled.
• Interceptors have been enhanced with the possibility to be executed around con-
structor invocation.
• Finally, the new version contains a significant number of enhancements for the
development of portable extensions.
Weld is the CDI implementation internally used in WildFly.
Java Servlet API 3.1 - JSR 340
The new version of the Java Servlet API has a clear focus on new features. The most im-
portant of them is the HTTP upgrade mechanism, which allows the client and server to
start a conversation in HTTP 1.1, and negotiate another protocol for subsequent requests.
This feature was used to implement the WebSockets mechanism in Java EE 7. Other fea-
tures of the new version of specification are as follows:
• Non-blocking I/O API for Servlets has been provided to improve scalability of
web applications
• Multiple security improvements have been introduced; the most notable of them
is the possibility to set the default security semantics for all HTTP methods
JAX-RS, the Java API for RESTful Web Services 2.0 - JSR 339
In Java EE 7, the JAX-RS specification has been enriched with some long-awaited fea-
tures. The version has changed from 1.1 to 2.0 because of the major impact of the im-
provements that came with the new specification. The most important features are listed
as follows:
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