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What happened? Once you establish a secure connection with the web server, the server
certificate is sent to the browser. Since the certificate has not been signed by any recog-
nized CA, the browser security sandbox warns the user about the potential security threat.
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That's all you need to do in order to activate the Secure Socket Layer with a self-signed
Securing HTTP communication with a certificate signed by a CA
Having your certificate signed requires a certificate-signing request ( CSR ) to be issued
to a CA, which will return a signed certificate to be installed on your server. This implies
a cost for your organization, which depends on how many certificates you request, the en-
cryption strength, and other factors.
Firstly, generate a CSR using the newly created keystore and keyentry:
keytool -certreq -keystore jboss.keystore -alias wflyalias
-storepass mypassword -keypass mypassword -keyalg RSA
-file certreq.csr
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