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A security domain can be thought of as a Customs Office for foreigners. Before the re-
quest crosses WildFly borders, the security domain performs all the required authentica-
tion and authorization checks and eventually notifies if he/she can proceed or not.
Security domains are generally configured at server startup and subsequently bound into
the JNDI tree under the key java:/jaas/ . Within the security domain, you can config-
ure login authentication modules so that you can easily change your authentication pro-
vider by simply changing its login-module element.
There are several implementations of login modules available out of the box; there is ob-
viously not enough room here to describe in detail the features of each module, though we
will offer a comprehensive description of some popular options, such as:
• The RealmDirect login module, which can be used for basic file-based au-
• The Database login module, which checks user credentials against a relational
Should you need further information about login modules, check out the WildFly docu-
mentation at:
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