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// Implement it !
We will not rehash the basic concepts about EJB Timers, which have been discussed in
Chapter 3 , Introducing Java EE 7 - EJBs . We suggest that you have a look at the high-
lighted section of the code, which shows how you can chain your ModelNode objects in
order to reach the attribute that we are going to monitor (the activeCount attribute of
the ExampleDS datasource).
Once you have the value of the activeCount attribute, we leave it to your imagination
to envision all the possible actions you can undertake!
It is worth noting that there are additional means of monitoring WildFly. One of them is
using the plugin for JBoss ( ). We already tried this
for ActiveMQ when we were developing MessageBeans. Another tool is Jolokia ( ht-
tp:// ) , which exposes JMX beans over HTTP. So, if you are not into writ-
ing your own monitors, there are other options worth exploring.
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