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By checking the WildFly configuration file (for example, standalone.xml or do-
main.xml ), you will notice that the deployment element for your application has been
Deploying applications to a WildFly domain
When you are deploying an application using the domain mode, you will have to specify
to which server group the deployment is associated with. The CLI lets you choose
between the following two options:
• Deploy to all server groups
• Deploy to a single server group
We will discuss these choices in two separate sections.
Deploying to all server groups
If this option is chosen, the application will be deployed to all the available server groups.
The --all-server-groups flag can be used for this purpose. For example, refer to
the following code:
[domain@localhost:9990 /] deploy ../application.ear
If, on the other hand, you want to undeploy an application from all the server groups that
belong to a domain, you will have to issue the undeploy command as shown in the fol-
lowing command:
[domain@localhost:9990 /] undeploy application.ear
You might have noticed that the undeploy command uses the --all-relevant-
server -group instead of the --all-server- group. The reason for this difference is
that the deployment might not be enabled on all the server groups; therefore, by using this
option, you will actually undeploy it from all the server groups in which the deployment is
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