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Connecting from remote hosts
Starting from the 7.1.0 Beta release of the application server, security is enabled on AS
management interfaces by default to prevent unauthorized remote access to the applica-
tion server. Although local clients of the application server are still allowed to access man-
agement interfaces without any authentication, remote clients need to enter a username/
password pair to access a CLI. Here's an example session that successfully connects to a
remote host with the IP address :
[disconnected /] connect
Authenticating against security realm: ManagementRealm
Username: administrator
[standalone@ /]
Please refer to Chapter 2 , Your First Java EE Application on WildFly , for more informa-
tion about creating a user with the shell command.
Using a CLI in the graphical mode
An interesting option available for the command-line interface is the graphical mode,
which can be activated by adding the --gui parameter to the shell script:
jboss-cli.bat --gui
Here's how CLI looks in the graphical mode:
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