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glyphicon-{{seat.booked ? 'ok' :'remove'}}"></span></td>
<button type="button"
class="btn btn-primary
{{seat.booked? 'disabled' :''}} btn-xs"
The code is similar to the JSF tables we created in the earlier chapters. What is important
to us is that the {{ }} symbols are used by AngularJS to bind the displayed data with a
variable in a controller, which, in fact, is a representation of our REST endpoints.
Additionally, the ng-click directives are bound to the appropriate methods in the con-
troller. The bookTicket method issues a seat.$book call, which is propagated as a
POST request to our backend.
We can now deploy our application to the server. After going to ht-
tp://localhost:8080/ticket-agency-ws/index.html in your browser,
you should see your application running, as shown in the following screenshot:
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