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As you can see, your service operations have been automatically discovered. Double-click
on the Request 1 tree element; the SoapUI request window will appear where you can
enter the named parameters. Enter the two arguments for the web service, as shown in the
following screenshot:
Click on the Submit button on the toolbar and check the result in the SOAP response win-
EJB3 Stateless Session Bean (SLSB) web services
The JAX-WS programming model supports the same set of annotations on EJB3 Stateless
Session Bean as it does on POJO endpoints. Now that we already have some web service
muscle, we will engineer one of the examples introduced in this topic.
Our main web service class will be named DefaultTicketWebService and will use
some of the core classes that we described in Chapter 3 , Introducing Java EE 7 - EJBs ,
such as TheatreBox , which will keep in memory the ticket bookings and the Seat
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