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From the short log, you can pick up some useful information. For example, the first line
states that the web service has been bound in the endpoint registry as {ht-
tp://}CalculatePowerService . Next is the information
about the web context path, which, by default, has the same name as your project, that is,
ticket-agency-ws . The last piece of information is about the web service address,
which is http://localhost:8080/ticket-agency-ws/CalculatePower-
Service . By appending the ?wsdl suffix to the end of the address, you can inspect the
web service contract.
The data directory contains a versioned list of all the generated WSDLs. So, you might
find the entire history of your web services published by ticket-agency-ws in
JBOSS_HOME/standalone/data/wsdl/ticket-agency-ws.war .
Inspecting the web service from the console
You can inspect the web services subsystem by moving to the web admin console and
navigating to Runtime | Status | Subsystems | Web Services .
Here, you can gather some useful information about the services deployed. In fact, the
most useful option is the list of endpoint contracts available, which is needed when devel-
oping our clients. The following screenshot shows a view of the web service endpoints
from the console:
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