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JBoss SOAP-based web services stack
All JAX-WS functionalities provided on top of WildFly are currently served through a
proper integration of the JBoss web services stack with most of the Apache CXF project.
Apache CXF is an open source web service framework that provides an easy-to-use,
standard-based programming model to develop both SOAP and REST web services. The
integration layer (JBossWS-CXF in short hereafter) allows us to perform the following:
• Use standard web services APIs (including JAX-WS) on a WildFly Application
Server; this is performed internally by leveraging Apache CXF, without requiring
the user to deal with it
• Leverage Apache CXF's advanced native features on top of a WildFly Application
Server without the need for the user to deal with all the required integration steps
to run the application in such a container
Therefore, the focus of the next section will be on developing JAX-WS web services using
the built-in Apache CXF configuration. If you want to further expand your knowledge
about Apache CXF's native features, you can refer to the official documentation that is
available at .
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