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private List<Seat> seats;
public List<Seat>getSeats() {
return seats;
This dataTable object will be displayed only if it contains some data in it (as dictated
by the not empty seats EL expression). In one of the dataTable columns, we
have added commandButton [4] that will be used to book the seat displayed on that
row. Notice one of the JSF 2 goodies here, as we call the bookSeat method of
TheatreBooker passing an argument as one parameter, which is the seatId field.
JSF 2 facet suggestions
By enabling JSF 2 facets on your project configuration, you can enjoy some additional be-
nefits while designing your views.
Enabling JSF 2 project facets takes half a minute. Right-click on your project and navigate
to Properties | Project Facets . Then, select the JSF 2.2 Project facets checkbox and
click on the OK button:
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