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sample, we will choose the simpler way and add
file in the client's classpath.
In Maven, the appropriate location for most of the resource files (like mentioned proper-
ties) is the src/main/resources directory.
The contents of the file are as follows:
There is also a
.xnio.Options.SSL_ENABLED property, which enables the encryption of the XNIO
connection; otherwise, plaintext will be used. (In Chapter 10 , Securing WildFly Applica-
tions , we will discuss using SSL to secure the connection between the client and server.)
The remote.connections property can be set to define a list of logical names that
will be used for connection purposes by the remote.connection.[name].host
and remote.connection.[name].port attributes. If you define more than one
connection, as in the following example, the connections will be split across various des-
tinations, as shown in the following code snippet:
The default port used by the remoting framework is 8080 .
You may wonder how EJB remoting can work on the same port as the HTTP protocol.
Starting from WildFly, remoting uses the HTTP protocol upgrade mechanism. The first
connection is done on the 8080 port (via HTTP), then it is upgraded to EJB remoting,
and switched to another port (chosen by WildFly).
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