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Configuring the client's project object module
Configuring the client dependencies (in pom.xml ) will basically require all the libraries
that connect and transport data to the server, along with the required EJB client dependen-
cies. The first thing we will add, just as we did for the server project, is the BOM for the
EJB client dependencies, which is demonstrated in the following code snippet:
Next, we will add a set of dependencies that are needed to resolve the EJB interfaces
( ticket-agency-ejb artifact ), the JBoss' transaction API (needed as EJBs are
transaction-aware components), the jboss-ejb-api and ejb-client APIs, the
org.jboss.xnio and org.jboss.xnio APIs (which provide a low-level input/out-
put implementation), the org.jboss.remoting3 API (the core transport protocol),
which in turn requires org.jboss.sasl (to secure the transport), and finally, the
org.jboss.marshalling API (to serialize the objects that are sent to and received
from the server). This is shown in the following code snippet:
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