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For Group ID (an abstract identifier with a similar role as in Java packages), you can use
com.packtpub.wflydevelopment.chapter3 . For Artifact ID (a simplified
name of our project), just use ticket-agency . Set the Packaging field to pom , and
you can leave the default selection for the project's Version field. Click on Finish in order
to complete the wizard.
Take a look at our newly created project. At the moment, it contains only pom.xml ,
which will be the base for new modules. Navigate again to File | New | Other | Maven
but now choose the New Maven Module . You can now see the following screenshot:
Again, we want to skip the archetype selection, so check the Create a simple project op-
tion. Under the Parent Project , click on Browse and select the parent we created a while
ago. Under Module Name , enter ticket-agency-ejb . Click on Next . You will be
presented with the following screen.
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