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Maven allows the use of archetypes when creating a new project. They define a project's
basic dependencies, resources, structure, and so on. For example, you can use a web ap-
plication archetype in order to get an empty project skeleton, which you can just build and
deploy. Unfortunately, archetypes are often outdated, and you still need to adjust them for
your needs. In order to use some Java EE 7 archetypes, you have to first define a reposit-
ory and archetypes you would like to use, and then you can create a project. In real life,
you will probably create every new project by just looking at your previous ones, without
using any archetypes. So, here we will show how to create a project from scratch. You
might also be interested in some additional Java EE-related tools such as JBoss Forge,
whose description you will find in the Appendix , Rapid Development Using JBoss Forge .
On the visible screen, check the Create a simple project checkbox. With this option, we
will skip the archetype selection. You can click on Next . Now, you have to complete some
basic project information. We are creating a server-side EJB application, which also has a
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