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Figure 12.17.
(a) Shore platform in granite at Smooth Pool, near Streaky Bay, west coast of Eyre Peninsula,
South Australia, with released corestones scattered over surface, and (b) released corestone
with flared sidewall, Smooth Pool.
to the clint and grike of karst pavements, and are most likely inherited from terrestrial weathering
and exploitation for the clefts are flared ( Fig. 12.19a) . On the other hand minor but numerous
fracture-controlled linear grooves at Cape Willoughby, eastern Kangaroo Island, and Arteixo, A
Coruña, northwestern Spain, are opened and cleaned by spray and waves (Figs 12.19b and c),
though as at Point Brown, remnants of a flaked or laminated bedrock are preserved between blocks
and boulders, and a regolith is widely preserved beneath the dune calcarenite, confirming the sug-
gestion of terrestrial preparation and an etch origin (Fig. 12.19d).
Several landforms are common to exposures in both the terrestrial and coastal contexts. Some
coastal representatives have developed in a manner similar to their terrestrial congeners. Thus, the
doughnuts and fonts of the Talia coast of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia ( Figs 12.20 a-c) appear
to be similar in origin to doughnuts in granite from inland sites, but here it is beach sand rather
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