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Figure 7.18.
(c) Flared boulder, both in the Tampin district of West Malaysia.
Figure 7.19.
All slopes topography in granite (a) southwest of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil.
Thus, in summary, the granite terrains of the humid tropics can be construed as nubbin-dominated
uplands, with many characteristic minor weathering and possibly also neotectonic forms devel-
oped, but still covered by the regolith except where for one reason or another the latter has been
partly or entirely stripped.
All slopes topography in granite has been reported from regions as scattered and climatically
diverse as the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea Hills of Egypt (Hume, 1925), the hinterland of Rio
de Janeiro in southeastern Brazil, the arid northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia, the Peruvian
Andes, the uplands of Papua New Guinea and the uplands of southern Poland (Fig. 7.19a and b).
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