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6.4.5 Regional and local patterns in plan
If bornhardts and related forms are in any way due to crustal stress, they ought to be disposed in
plan patterns that are geometrically conformable with regional tectonic style. They are. Thus, on
northwestern Eyre P eninsula the residuals occur on NW -SE trending rises that parallel kno wn
regional fractures. In detail the y display clear alignments and fracture patter ns related to these
broader trends (Figs 1.12, 6.25a and b). Similarly, in the Traba Massif of Galicia, NW Spain residual
hills stand on fracture-defined ridges (Rodríguez, 1994) (Fig. 6.25c).
Figure 6.25. Distribution of g ranite inselber gs and domes: (a) on nor thwestern Eyre P eninsula, South
Australia; (b) Wudinna Hill and adjacent areas.
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