HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
assertNotNull(msg, value)
assertUndefined(msg, value)
assertNotUndefined(msg, value)
assertNaN(msg, number)
assertNotNaN(msg, number)
assertException(msg, callback, type)
assertNoException(msg, callback)
assertArray(msg, arrayLike)
assertTypeOf(msg, type, object)
assertBoolean(msg, value)
assertFunction(msg, value)
assertNumber(msg, value)
assertObject(msg, value)
assertString(msg, value)
assertMatch(msg, pattern, string)
assertNoMatch(msg, pattern, string)
assertTagName(msg, tagName, element)
assertClassName(msg, className, element)
assertElementId(msg, id, element)
assertInstanceOf(msg, constructor, object)
assertNotInstanceOf(msg, constructor, object)
We will be using JsTestDriver for most examples throughout this topic.
3.5 Summary
In this chapter we have taken a look at what tools can be helpful to support the
test-driven development process, as well as a few available tools. Getting a good
test-driven development rhythm requires adequate tools, and for the remaining
examples of this topic, JsTestDriver was selected to run tests. It offers both a highly
efficient workflow as well as thorough testing on a wide array of platform and
browser combinations.
This chapter also touched briefly on BDD and “specs” and how test-driven
development, as practiced in this topic, shares a lot in common with it.
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