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Figure 3.1 Running tests with YUI Test.
unit testing spec, which we will look into when testing a Node.js application in
Chapter 14, Server-Side JavaScript with Node.js.
3.3 Headless Testing Frameworks
In-browser testing frameworks are unfit to support a test-driven development pro-
cess where we need to run tests frequently and integrated into the workflow. An
alternative to these frameworks is headless testing frameworks. These typically run
from the command line, and can be interacted with in the same way testing frame-
works for any other server-side programming language can.
There are a few solutions available for running headless JavaScript unit tests,
most originating from either the Java or Ruby worlds. Both the Java and Ruby
communities have strong testing cultures, and testing only half the code base (the
server-side part) can only make sense for so long, probably explaining why it is these
two communities in particular that have stood out in the area of headless testing
solutions for JavaScript.
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