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Running the test produces some disappointing results. The test passes, but
unfortunately the previous test now breaks, as there is no addEventHandler
method around at the point of running it. We can fix this and the duplicated test
code by elevating some common code into a setUp method, as Listing 15.11
Listing 15.11 Extracting code into setUp
/* ... */
var dom = tddjs.namespace("dom");
/* ... */
TestCase("UserFormControllerSetViewTest", {
setUp: function () {
this.controller = Object.create(userController);
this.element = {};
dom.addEventHandler = stubFn();
"test should add js-chat class": function () {
assertClassName("js-chat", this.element);
"test should handle submit event": function () {
assertSame(this.element, dom.addEventHandler.args[0]);
assertEquals("submit", dom.addEventHandler.args[1]);
Even though both tests use setView in the same way, we keep it out of setUp ,
because this call is not part of the setup, rather it is the exercise step of the test.
Refactoring the test got the tests back on track, and they now both pass.
For the next test, we need to verify that the event handler is bound to the
controller object. To achieve this we need stubFn to record the value of this at
call time. Listing 15.12 shows the updated function.
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