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1.3.1 Setup and Teardown
xUnit frameworks usually provide setUp and tearDown methods. These are
called before and after each test method respectively, and allow for centralized
setup of test data, also known as test fixtures. Let's add the date object as a test
fixture using the setUp method. Listing 1.12 shows the augmented testCase
function that checks if the test case has setUp and tearDown , and if so, runs
them at the appropriate times.
Listing 1.12 Implementing setUp and tearDown in testCase
function testCase(name, tests) {
assert.count = 0;
var successful = 0;
var testCount = 0;
var hasSetup = typeof tests.setUp == "function";
var hasTeardown = typeof tests.tearDown == "function";
for (var test in tests) {
if (!/^test/.test(test)) {
try {
if (hasSetup) {
output(test, "#0c0");
if (hasTeardown) {
// If the tearDown method throws an error, it is
// considered a test failure, so we don't count
// success until all methods have run successfully
} catch (e) {
output(test + " failed: " + e.message, "#c00");
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