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test.equals(this.res.writeHead.args[0], 201);
"should close connection": function (test) {
We can pass these tests by copying the two lines we last added to post into
the new respond method, as Listing 14.74 shows.
Listing 14.74 A dedicated respond method
var chatRoomController = {
/* ... */
respond: function (status) {
Now we can simplify the post method by calling this method instead. Doing
so also allows us to merge the original tests for status code and connection closing,
by stubbing respond and asserting that it was called. Formatting Messages
Next up for the get method is properly formatting messages. Again we'll need to
lean on the cometClient , which defines the data format. The method should
respond with a JSON object whose properties name the topic and values are arrays
of objects. Additionally, the JSON object should include a token property. The
JSON string should be written to the response body.
We can formulate this as a test by stubbing respond as we did before, this
time expecting an object passed as the second argument. Thus, we will need to
embellish respond later, having it write its second argument to the response body
as a JSON string. Listing 14.75 shows the test.
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