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Listing 14.67 Expecting post not to respond immediately
"should not respond immediately": function (test) {;
this.sendRequest({ data: {} });
This test does not run as smoothly as the previous two. Passing it is a matter
of deferring the closing calls until the promise returned by addMessage resolves.
Listing 14.68 has the lowdown.
Listing 14.68 post responds when addMessage resolves
post: function () {
/* ... */
this.request.addListener("end", function () {
var data = JSON.parse(decodeURI(body)).data;
data.user, data.message
).then(function () {
That's about it for the post method. Note that the method does not handle
errors in any way; in fact it will respond with a 201 status even if the message was
not added successfully. I'll leave fixing it as an exercise.
14.6.2 Streaming Messages with GET
GET requests should either be immediately responded to with messages, or held
open until messages are available. Luckily, we did most of the heavy lifting while
implementing chatRoom.waitForMessagesSince ,sothe get method of the
controller will simply glue together the request and the data.
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