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Listing 14.44 Expecting addMessage to be asynchronous
"should be asynchronous": function (test) {
var id;"cjno", "Hey", function (err, msg) {
id =;
}); - 1, function (err, msgs) {
test.equals(msgs.length, 0);
This test fails because the method indeed is synchronous at this point.
Listing 14.45 updates addMessage to utilize the nextTick method.
Listing 14.45 Making addMessage asynchronous
var id = 0;
var chatRoom = {
addMessage: function (user, message, callback) {
process.nextTick(function () {
/* ... */
/* ... */
The test now passes. However, it only passes because getMessagesSince
is still synchronous. The moment we make this method asynchronous as well (as we
should), the test will not pass. That leaves us with checking the messages array
directly. Testing implementation details is usually frowned upon, as it ties the tests
too hard to the implementation. I think the test for the asynchronous behavior falls
under the same category; thus, I'd rather remove that test than to add yet another
one that digs inside the implementation.
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